Monday, 19 December 2011

Next Hash - #88 Saturday 7th January 2012

Dearly beloved hashers:
The time has come for the end of the world, so is mandatory to remember our best hashers, harriettes and horrors, the ones that have passed and are already gone, so lets take a minute of silence to... yeah right!!! :)

The end of the world is here!!!! and we have a great hash planned to celebrate and the perfect excuse to drink drink drink!! so don't miss the "End of the world Hash" at Casa roja!!! We need you to rsvp so we can advice Casa Roja how many people we're having so please do to  

NAME: The End of the World Hash
DATE: January 7th
TIME: 5pm
Hosts: Finger in the Dyke
Hares: Finger in the Dyke and Don't Go Down There
PLACE: CASA ROJA   Agustinias 2113, Barrio Brasil
COST: $3.000 
AFTER: BBQ bring meat,  salad to share, drinks to be brought from Casa Roja
BRING:  Sunscreen, hats, water, swim suit, towels, football, "toys", music, a new hash song for the circle!!

So see you all there and please rsvp!!! 
Standby for all the details in the New Year!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Next Hash #87 - Saturday 17th December

HO HO HO!!! Christmas HAsh is here!!!

Next saturday we will have the Christmas Hash, fot this time we have some new "rules":

Instead of paying the $3.000 you have to bring a gift worth that ( nice or naughty)  and you have to introduce a new song or get a down down, ( go to the site to find new songs, if you don't know the tune, who cares!!!  just use one you know!!)

NAME: Christmas Hash
DATE: December 17th
TIME: 4pm
Hosts: Alejandro & Prune
Hares: Prune +   ???? 
PLACE: Presidente Errázuria 8136, Peñalolén
COST: $3.000 
AFTER: BBQ bring meat salad, drinks, sunscreen, hat, water, (it's summer) 
SURGERENCIA PARA TORQUE ESPECIAL DE NAVIDAD:   Quizás algunas decoraciones, ir disfrazados de viejos pascueros o reno, lo importante que todos tengamos el toque navideño mientras corremos, si se mos acurre algo más avisamos.
There is a BBQ, pool, no curfew at night so we can light a fire and stay late!

I forgot to mention that the gift MUST BE WRAPPED!!!

to the south by Tobalaba, then turn left by Los Presidentes (bencinera Petrobrass- Jumbo) , goes up hills untill you find "Consistorial", turn left  by consistorial, one block to the north and next to the Lider supermarket you´ll find calle El Solar , so you turn left by El Solar and the first street at right hand is Pasaje Presidente Errázuriz.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This Weeks Hash #86 - Saturday 3rd December

DATE: December 3rd
TIME: 3pm ( you can be there at noon but the hash will start at 3pm)
Hosts: Thong and Turn me on
COST: $3.000 plus $5.000 for the day
AFTER: BBQ bring meat salad, drinks, sunscreen, hat, water, it's summer you know 
HOW TO GET THERE:  Take the bus  to Isla Negra at Terminal de Buses Santiago or Tur Bus. Get off in Av. Central in Isla Negra, the cabañas are about 1 block from the bus stop.. THERE ISN'T A HASH BUS THIS TIME SO EITHER YOU TAKE THE TUR BUS OR DRIVE.
For more information: 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

This Weeks Hash #85 - Saturday 19th November - 3pm!

Hi there!!!!

Next hash info and more!!!

HASH Nº 85
DATE: Saturday, november 19th
PLACE: Blanco Encalada 1771 , across the street from the castle.   We'll meet on the roof, closest metro station TOESCA
HOST:.   Acting Seamen and Mariachi Mansterbator
COST: $3000
AFTER: Asado on the roof.   Bring your own cutlery, drinks, salads an meat to share.   

Also we have plans for a stay over beach hash on Dec 3rd so don't make any other plans!!
Come and enjoy the beauty of Isla Negra  Hash #........ on Dec. 3 at 16:00 hrs.
Bring your friends and  family and spend a great weekend with us at Cabañas Pinares del Mar.

Make your reservation in advance.
Call Adriana Escapa 00 56 (9) 92324931
or José Miguel Muñoz 00 56 (9) 93223192

Cabañas Pinares del Mar
Av. Central Nº50
Prices are aprox. $25.000-30.000 per cabaña (2-4-6 people)
If you only want to spend the day is $5.000 per person

How to get there: Take the bus  to Isla Negra at Terminal de Buses Santiago or Tur Bus. Get off in Av. Central in Isla Negra, the cabañas are about 1 block from the bus stop.
For more information:

Host: Thong & Turn me on

Hare & co-hare: …………………

Bring your own food and drink for bbq

Lots of fun, plenty of booze and T-shirts to give away.

So, thaks for now, don't forget to show up this saturday and to book for the next hash!!!!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

This Weeks Hash #84 - Saturday 5th November-update new time!!

Hi there all of you, hashers, harriettes, wanna be hashers and the rest!!

Just to keep everyone on their toes we have skipped a week / added a week and are running NEXT WEEKEND!!

Next hash is HERE and it's going to be amazing, at a great place, Parque intercomunal!!!!
Spread the world and come have fun with us!!!

HASH Nº: 84
TIME:3:00PM ( main gate)
ADDRESS: Av. Francisco Bilbao 8105 ( Parque padre hurtado ex intercomunal)
HOST Deputy Dawg
HARE Deputy Dawg
CO-HARE: Tight corset
AFTER:BBQ, bring meat, salads, snacks, beer to share and if you don't want beer, bring the stuff you're drinking
email:- for more details

Thursday, 27 October 2011

This Weeks Hash - Cancelled!! Saturday 29th October 2011

"Due to lack of interest for a great Hash this weekend it is cancelled. The long weekend makes Hasher think about family, cultural events, trekking, games on the beach and sobering up! What is happening to Hashers minds these days? Next Hash you all get a double down-down for ignorance.

"Stupidity has a certain charm, ignorance not". Frank Zappa 

Deputy Dawg

Monday, 24 October 2011

This weeks Hash #84 - Saturday 29th October

After a mighty fine hash the other week at la casa del gata blanca we are running again this saturday!!  (maybe)


If you are, wear your spookiest, ugliest halloween rags and present yourselves at Acting Seaman's place.

Next weekend will be Hash 84th, Halloween hash!!! but as it's a looooooong wknd we MUST know if you are showing up or not. If i don't get enough rsvps the hash will be cancelled

Also we need a venue and hares or next hash ( Nov 12th)

Details below

ADDRESS: Blanco Encalada 1771, across the street from the castle, also known as Arsenales de Guerra.   
Nearest metro station : Toesca
HOST Acting Seaman
HARE Acting Seaman is the Hare for the walk, but we need a co-hare for the run.   
AFTER:Asado on the roof of the building later.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

This weeks Hash #82 - Saturday 15th October

After an amazing hash at El Quisco last week we are coming back to the city.

Details of the next hash are:-

Date:   Saturday 15th October
Host:  Gata Blanca
Address:  Montenegro 2242, Nunoa
Start Time:  4pm
Hash Cash:  $3.000
Bring food and drinks for the BBQ afterwards!
Nearest Metro:  Francisco Bilbao