Thursday, 27 October 2011

This Weeks Hash - Cancelled!! Saturday 29th October 2011

"Due to lack of interest for a great Hash this weekend it is cancelled. The long weekend makes Hasher think about family, cultural events, trekking, games on the beach and sobering up! What is happening to Hashers minds these days? Next Hash you all get a double down-down for ignorance.

"Stupidity has a certain charm, ignorance not". Frank Zappa 

Deputy Dawg

Monday, 24 October 2011

This weeks Hash #84 - Saturday 29th October

After a mighty fine hash the other week at la casa del gata blanca we are running again this saturday!!  (maybe)


If you are, wear your spookiest, ugliest halloween rags and present yourselves at Acting Seaman's place.

Next weekend will be Hash 84th, Halloween hash!!! but as it's a looooooong wknd we MUST know if you are showing up or not. If i don't get enough rsvps the hash will be cancelled

Also we need a venue and hares or next hash ( Nov 12th)

Details below

ADDRESS: Blanco Encalada 1771, across the street from the castle, also known as Arsenales de Guerra.   
Nearest metro station : Toesca
HOST Acting Seaman
HARE Acting Seaman is the Hare for the walk, but we need a co-hare for the run.   
AFTER:Asado on the roof of the building later.