Monday, 4 March 2013

Camping Hash at Bi-Weekly's (#119)

The Hash goes to the Country!

Last weekend the mighty Santiago hash abandoned it gritty city-slicker image and headed out to the farmland and broccoli fields on the edge of town for a spot of jogging/stumbling, foolin in the pool and even a bit of football!  All of that before the normal hash festivities even began beneath the gum trees at Leonardo's parcela next-door to our very own Bi-Weekly Deposits bean fields!

The hashers line up for the start of the 'race'
a bit of a jog through a lecheria..not sure who smelt worse, hashers or cows..
 A minor navigational mishap occurred while our worthy beermiester was on the sacred-quest of filling the hash beer coolers, which saw him shanghaied into another dimension for the legendary last-weekend-of-summer-holidays traffic snarl, so he wasn't able to make it.   The hash then had break-the-glass and revert to 'Emergency plan B' (B for buy more beer!).

Despite half the hash being out of town on a road trip to La Serena (2 blokes and 10 girls....sounds like you were a bit outnumbered lads!) we managed a half-decent crowd of would-be campers and sometimes runners who managed to muster at (almost) the allotted time and place on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
After the run, straight into the pool for a spot of water polo....

Futbol action..
Then for those with any energy left it was off to the soccer field for 'Chile Vs the Rest' or something like that (not sure what team Scooby-my-doo was on, and i don't think he was either!)
The GM decides to take the crocodile for one last ride..

Then it was time for some serious hash business back at the quincho.

Some virgins are inducted into the rituals of the hash

Names are handed the only man who could follow the convoluted directions and actually made it to the hash via the public bus (see it can be done!!)

An Irish gent is born again as a Leprechaun
Then a sad farewell to two stalwarts of the hash....our lovely songmistress and the somewhat technologically challenged hashflash...

Dominasstrix and Full Service Bid us farewell in fine hash style and are inducted into... something or other..

After this it got really messy.....The hash decamped from the lush surrounds of Leo's parcela to the more 'earthy' delights of the selected campsite up the road.  Before long a fire was lit, 10 local dogs were adopted and the serious business of knocking off 5 or 6 bottles of wine and anything else vaguely alcoholic we could lay our hands on was commenced...
happy campers relaxing (or passing out?)  by the fire

bi-weekly deposit ties to fit something where it just won't go!

The RA shares some of his wisdom with a fireside oratory..

inspired by the Reggaeton playing next door, the campers break loose!

And finally the GM attempts to relieve some sore heads the next day with a traditional big-breakfast cookup!