Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hash #105 - Saturday 18th August 2012

NAME: #105 - Soup hash.
DATE: Saturday 18th August
HOST : Ladybug, Dominasstrix, Full Service.
HARES: still twisting some arms there..
TIME : 2pm
ADDRESS: La Gioconda 4355, Las Condes
METRO: Escuela Militar
COST: 3.000 pesos
BBQ : No BBQ but hot soup provided by hosts...maybe bring a small salad or dessert
PARKING: On Calle La Gioconda or in the building visitors park.

Bringing the SHHH back to an old stomping ground at La Geoconda.  Won't be the same without The Deputy belting out the hash tunes but we will soldier on!
Details for the El Quisco hash on 1st September available shortly.