Tuesday, 9 July 2013

We Declare Independence From Sobriety!

Oh say can you swig
From the beer's foaming head?
What so proudly we chug,
'Til we fall into bed.

This past Saturday was Hash #127, the Independence Day Hash, hosted by Billy Scroat Gruff near the Santa Isabel metro stop.  It was a chilly day, but not a terrible one for hashing.  No day is a terrible day for hashing after all...

The runners convened around 2pm, sang a rousing rendition of Father Abraham, and dashed off into the cloudy, dog poo-strewn streets of Santiago Centro.

clapping is the BEST

Hares Billy Scroat Gruff, Easy As 123, and No-Name-Virgin-Charlie led the hashers on a heart-pumping hike up Santa Lucia, through Parque Forrestal and back through the Baquedano/Bustamante area. 

I'm Manuel Baquedano, and I approved this message.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Easy As 123 served as the Grand Master for the afternoon, with Sump Pump resuming his previous post as Religious Advisor.  

This picture represents much of my experience as an English Teacher.   Including the beer. 

Gotta fart gotta fart gotta fart 

ohhhhhyeaeaaaaahhhhh that's a winner


I will now draw your attention to our host, who seems to be singing an 80's rock ballad by himself in the next series of photos.

"Don't stop, belieeeeevin'"

"hold on to that feeeeeelin, ohh"

The highlight of the day was most definitely the naming.  Jessica and Jeff let loose in oh, so many ways.

"I think we should take our shirts off!"

"I was bisexual in college!"

Jeff: "ok honey, I think that's plenty"
Jessica: "no they need more material!"

"We've had orgies, and I like anime porn, especially with octopi!"

That. was. plenty.

Please welcome Splooge Bob Stain Pants and Octopussy to the Hash Family.

Finally, did you see Sump Pump's baller new hoodie?

stylish from behind.  tee hee double entendre 

That's right!  If you ordered a Hash Hoodie they are printed and ready for pickup!  Come to the next Hash, or email us to come get yours!  

Next time we will be celebrating Christmas in July at the Black Rock Pub...get your ugly sweater on on!