Sunday, 21 April 2013

I'll call this post "A Pleasant Vineyard Hash"

...even though our trip to Casa Marin last Saturday was the biggest shitshow I've seen in recent history.

But I'll get to that.  Let's start at the beginning. We met at Flannery's and climbed on buses.

Dave tricked Martin into getting on the bus too. 

Then French Polisher yelled at us for a while.

"I am important!  I have a microphone and a clipboard!"

Then we got to the Casa Marin winery - which is absolutely beautiful.  Just goddamn beautiful.  It reeks of craftsmanship, and patience, and the attention to detail that you'd need to make great wine.  We were completely out of place.

Then we ran a little bit.  Sewage set the 2km run, which looped around the vineyard once for the walkers, twice for the runners.  

so fucking gorgeous it's disgusting

And then we picked grapes for a little bit.

well...mostly grapes...

If it can't be done with a beer in your hand, it's not worth doing.

action, adventure, stooped posture!

o hai

this is terrifying.

Little known fact: vineyards are where the popular trend "twerking" originated.

best day of her life.

This guy.  Man, he popped up everywhere.  You're picking grapes and all of a sudden BAM.  Camera to the FACE.

And then we took a group picture in a pricker bush.

Our hosts at Casa Marin were kind enough to treat us to a wine tasting.  I don't typically like white wine, but that Sauvinon Blanc they gave us was the tits.

"No ma'am, you can't have the rest of the bottle."

Finally we circled up.  It was a big circle, and a disorganized circle.  60 people + approximately 30 virgins + disobedient hashers + lots of wine and beer before the circle = one big mess.

Most of the Casa Marin promotional footage will need to be used without audio, due to how many times Sump Pump screamed, "shut the fuck UP!"

notice: a) blatant alcohol abuse and b) blatant abuse of hat fashion.

"Now, I'm not saying Hitler was a good guy, but I did admire his hand gestures."

Dave likes his women the way he likes his grapes: by the bucket.

I'm fairly certain Mariachi Mansturbator did not agree to be put in the bucket.

We named these three people.

Muffler Sucker, German Penetrator and Quarter Bouncer.  Welcome to this dysfunctional family. 

Things started devolving.  

SO Annette called us over to eat.  

We finished up the night schwasted, full of meat, covered in grapes, and happy.  Many many thanks to Casa Marin for hosting us, feeding us, and getting us drunk on some of the best wine in Chile.