Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hash #133 - The Liquor Liquidation Hash

Last Saturday we went back to the centro to KY Not's apartment for a nice run through the Santa Isabel and Barrio Italia area. After a brief warmup in the courtyard of the building, the Hashers took off on the trail set by hares KY Not and Cum Swim with Me.

As always, the trail was deemed "shitty" by several never-satisfied hashers. If memory serves, some complaints by seasoned hashers about the size of the flower blobs were met with insults from the virgins that even they had no trouble following them. So the quality of the trail is still in question.

The circle was held up in the quincho with a great view of the city.

Our good friends Moonjob and Cumming Up for Air led everyone in taking plenty of down downs. We also had the pleasure of indoctrinating and naming 4 new hashers. They were baptised in beer and smashed up potatoe chip pieces.

Southern Exposure

something Dancewhore (don't really remember what the full name was, but it was a good one!)

Last to Cum

and Veni V.D. Vici

The asado that ensued was also excellent. This was KY Not's last day in the building before moving, so she was practically begging everyone to drink her leftover bottles of liquor in addition to the normal Hash beer. Needless to say, the hashers were in good spirits that afternoon.