Friday, 14 March 2014

Hash #144 Annual General Piss Up and Piss OFF


It was a grey and cold afternoon, announcing that some of our hashers were leaving.

The Terremotos of the previous night didn’t help, several of our hashers were surprised by this popular and dangerous drink… what happens in La Piojera, doesn’t stay in La Piojera…Tan solo nos tomamos unos pocos terremotos, pero lo que deben saber es que el terremoto es engañoso, es muy dulce, pero la caída puede ser muy amarga.


We would like to say “Hasta Pronto” and not goodbye to Sir French Polisher, Sir Lady Bug and Lady Muffler Sucker, you will be missed! Cold ass, cool hasher.



 They could not escape from “The Order of the Purple Pukus”


 If one Chilean drinks, they all drink.

Este farol no alumbra, no alumbra este farol (x2)

Pongale parafina y alumbrará mejor, pongale,pongale,pongale


Welcoming the 2014 Mismanagement Committee!

From the other side world, Octopulpobbq travelled a long way in representation of our new Grand Master, Octopussy.

Bi-Weekly Deposit, “rearelected” and our new Hash Flash , Last to Cum.

BUSTED! No Cuntry for Old Men is one of our new Piss Pourers.


Like a gladiator going into the arena, get ready for our new Religious Advisor… Multiple Entry, go and impart some wisdom.


The Fantastic Four: Reverse Cowgirl, as one of the sheriffs of the STFU Police, Dance Whore as Beer Meister Assistant, Prune as Hare Raiser and Hasher Dashery, and Veni V.D Vici as Piss Pourer.


First, we would like to thank Sir Sump Pump for his hard work and crazy ideas for the Hash in the last few years as our Grand Master, now he wants to keep a low profile so, he will be our Pecker Inspector, el terror de los calzoncillos!.


Introducing Acting Seman as Hash Matress and Virginity Coach and Stroke my Bono as the other sherrif in STFU Police and Hasher Dashery.

And we also would like to welcome Bob Stain Pants, Sewage and Moon Job to the 2014 MC.


Some are swinging , some are cuming…



Buscando a la patrulla.