Thursday, 10 October 2013

Next Hash #134 Saturday 12th October

HASH NO:  134
NAME: "Texas All Stars Hash"

DATE: Saturday 12th Oct 
TIME: 2pm START (you need to arrive before this – this is the run start time)
PLACE: Andres Bello 1555 (entre Manuel Montt y Pedro de Valdivia en Provi)
METRO:  Manuel Montt
HOSTS: "Octopusy” & “Splooge Bob Stain Pants"
HARES:    “Texas BJ Assacre” and  “Texas Horn Star”  
COST: $3.000
BRING: Meat/Salad/Booze to share for the after circle asado.     
 Also,  it is getting hot out now so don’t forget to bring hats and sunscreen!
There is a  pool also so folks can bring swimsuits to cool off!.