Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Por atrás pica el Hash, #132 Fonda style!

Many hours and maps later, hashers all around finally got to Prune's house, where our lovely hosts were waiting...

"El Camino" was short and sweet, but Acting Semen decided he had enough of trees and nature so...

 ...he thought it was a good idea to leave the top of the mountain like a pro, return to our fonda and drink some "healthy" juice and ice cream ( a.k.a Terremoto).

While everyone ran up th hill, Bi-Weekly Deposit practiced his "emboque" techniques,  demonstrating that with a little stick, great things can be done...

 Everyone kneeled down to receive all the experience and wisdom of Sir Lady Bug and Scooby my Doo who were celebrating 75 ( "Get a life") and 15 ( "You sitll have a life") hashes.

The moment has come, you can't hide anymore... welcome the new members: Home-schooled (Loving the lenguas), Macabeo for Tips ( In other words, Whipped!) and Pussy Wagon (Chicas magnet).

  Let the games begin!
 "Carrera de sacos"
   Instruction: Jump like hell.


"Silla Musical"
Instructions: Dance with your bootie, shake your butt, sit your ass, "Mueva el potito", grab a chair before someone elses tooshie gets there!

Instruction: Whatever Prune and Spank my Schnitzel's father does, you copy.

Yincana v/s Cueca ("Yincueca"), bring it!
Coming up for air giving cueca lessons like a true huaso, chileans take notes!

The Survivors...

Who are these beautiful women?, Who's the lucky guy?, Hot stuff! 

And this is the end ( for now), but we'll  be reporting soon from Hash Blog Central , until then...Burn baby burn...over and out.