Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Signup Deadline for Viña Casa Marin Hash 148 is Today!

Remember: The Signup Deadline is Today
Carpe Diem!

Hash 148: Viña Casa Marin - the posh hash - looms large on the horizon, but we need a head-count for the world-class chefs to send out the right number of truffling pigs! Don't be mean to the pigs. They are hungry & raring to go!

Let them practice their art and don't miss out on this unique opportunity to go out and get intimate with the grapes at a small coastal vineyard among new friends and good cheer!

The complete program, menu and details are here. Check it out & get your payment in by 5pm today, Wednesday April 23. What better way to celebrate the 29th birthday of New Coke than by signing up for a first-class gourmet experience that shows your love for finer food and wine by becoming one with the terroir?

We have a limited number of seats available so act before 2pm to get the best seats on our luxury coach. Avoid the effort and risks of drinking and driving! Complimentary massages and false advertising are included in the purchase price, so act now!