Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Low Hanging Fruit

With overripe apricots plopping suggestively onto our heads, and grapes swinging in and around our faces, this Saturday's 116th Hash could not have received a more appropriate name than "Low Hanging Fruit".  Bi-Weekly Deposit's Nunoa home provided the perfect patio for a rather large turnout.  The Hash was definitely a fun one, full to the brim with debauchery, injury, crap, crêpes, down-downs and bottoms up.

Bi-Weekly Deposit and Easy As 1-2-3 hared the trail, leading our motley crew through the sweltering streets of Santiago on a very short summer run (sans beer stop).  In true, confused Hasher fashion, many of the group ran straight past Raul's house on the return.  Some Hashers missed the run completely and showed up late!  For SHAME.

The telltale sign of a lost Hasher: poo.

French Polisher stepped in as the Grand Master and Canuck Puck led the religious activities in fine form.  The circle was short and sticky sweet, to be highlighted here...

As it was his 50th Hash, Canuck Puck joined The Order of the Purple Pukus.

No stranger to wet head.

Sir Ladybug and Easy As 1-2-3 had to shoot the boot when it was discovered that they were wearing new shoes...

foot fetish?

Shayna and Maria Virginia were anointed with beer and flour upon receiving their official Hash names, as is tradition.

One works for the Turkish embassy, one has the last name "Dickstein". Just...sooooo many good names during that brainstorming session.

I present to you Gobbler and Bone Her Parts

Welcome to the most dysfunctional of families, ladies.

This guy.

Self-proclaimed "Rico Suave" takes a down-down...and spills all over himself. 

These people.

"we pick things up and put them down"

A super soaker!

seriously, best idea ever

And ohh baby, those down-downs.

During the post-Hash asado, many a Hasher made new friends.

Old faces.  New faces.   And...that creepy face Raul's making.

Easily the highlight of the post-Hash debauchery was when Lick'n'Learn took a rather spectacular fall down an ascending escalator in the Santiago Metro.  Have you ever seen a dead curled up spider?  Our brave teacher drew a striking comparison, face down and bloody as the stairs slowly, and conveniently, moved her back toward the place she started.  Nobody had the wherewithal to take out a camera, so I took some artistic liberty.

I don't feel guilty because she is probably ok.

I think we can all agree, except maybe Caitlin, that it was a great Hash.  Can't wait for the next.  On on my loves!

PS. Thanks to Full Service (our Hash Flash) and Sir Ladybug for these pics.  If YOU have juicy photos from a Hash, email or post to the SHHH facebook page to be included in these updates!

PPS.  And for fuck's sake, pull out a camera if you see someone tumble down an escalator.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Next Hash #117 - Saturday 2nd February

HASH # 177
DATE:   Saturday 2nd February 2013
TIME:  4pm
PLACE:  Blanco Encalada 1771, across the street from the castle
METRO:  Toesca
HOST:  Acting Seman and Mariachi Mansterbator
HARES:  Moonjob and Bone-her-parts
COST:  $3000
AFTER:  Asado on the roof, fantastic view of the city and cool sea breeze!   Bring your own cutlery, drinks, salad and meet to share.