Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Next Hash #101 - Saturday 23rd June

Name: #101 - "Giving Something Back - the Painting Hash"
Location: El Remanso 16140, Lo Barnachea
Start Point: Unimarc Escuela Militar
Metro: Escuela Militar and then Car Pool.
Time: 11.30 am
Date: Saturday June 23rd
Host: "Finger in the Dyke" and "Gata Blanca"
Hares:  "Sewage?"
Cost: -3,000 pesos for the Hash
Bring: Salad and something to cook on the BBQ
The Hash isn't just about drinking & running, sometimes we perform community service as well! That is exactly what we're going to do for the 101st Hash. We have identified a Girl's shelter home that is badly in need of renovations, and the Hash will be contributing elbow grease & decorating expertise as we repaint their facility!
Through clandestine fundraising, we’ve raised more than $500.000 CLP so now we can paint the rooms, buy new curtains and buy padlocks for the cupboards!  (Note – the donations were private donors, and NOT from Hash Cash!)
But we can´t paint the rooms without the help of the hashers so sign up!!!
This is what you can expect :
11.30 leaving Escuela Militar
12.15 Circle
13.00 Painting – total of 10 small rooms
14.30 Lunch provided by the Girl´s shelterhome
15.00 Back to painting
16.45 Cleaning up
17.00 Leave and meet up for Circle, Beer & BBQ, (Parrillada outside and tables inside)
19.30 (±) Back to Escuela Militar
Cars can be parked inside at Shelter Home and Restaurant
This is what you need to bring:
-     Clothes that can get dirty (we are painting with Latex on water base)
-     Meat for asado and food to share
-     A sense of humor
-     3000 Pesos Hash Cash
What are in need of :
-     Painting equipment:  Brushes, rollers, trays, drop sheets, newspapers – anything you have lying around from your last painting job
-  People to drive from Escuala Militar to the shelter location
-  Donations of ‘stuff’ if you have anything – a VHS recorder, movies, books, clothes – the girls are ages 6-17, so age-appropriate please.  J
-  People to help on Thursday the 21st with the preparation work (cleaning the walls, patching holes, moving furniture – making everything ready so ALL we have to do on Saturday is paint!)  This will be a smaller work crew of ‘pre-hashers’ but the more hands, the lighter the work!
Because of the organization involved, we are asking people to PRE-REGISTER if you’re attending. annettamariena@gmail.com  Please also let us know if you are bringing anything (painting equipment etc…) so we don’t overbuy.  Also please advise if you are going to be driving and have extra seats, if you need a seat in someone’s car, or if you’re making your own way.
If you can´t make it to the Escuela Militar here is the address:
Madreselvas 0131
Puente Alto
Vespucio Sur from the north:
Exit Los Torres
Keep left and First left (La Florida) Changes into Camilo Henriquez
After 12 km turn right at the Y curve to Eyzaguirre
Turn after 1 km at first left El Nogal (don´t go left again in this curve) ……..
1st turn left 27 de septiembre
After 15 blocks turn right at Madreselvas 0131.
Info Tel.nr 95185795
Host; Girls of the Shelter Home with the assistance of Gata Blanca, Sewage, Finger in the Dyke.