Sunday, 11 November 2012

we make our OWN asado space

Yesterday was the 111th Hash at Parque Padre Hurtado in La Reina.  It was the best kind of day for Hashing: the sun was shining, the strange cotton-producing trees were shitting cotton balls all over the ground, and the quinchos were completely filled up by noon.  The recipe for a phenomenal Hash.

Seriously, what is going on with those trees?

Scrum On My Face and Easy As 123 set a decidedly shitty trail that skirted the park, venturing into the suburban areas of La Reina.  Despite a few erased markers, all our Hashers found their way back to the park in good time and in good cheer.

"This means 'bear' in sign language."

Scrum On My Face did a superb job filling in as Grand Master for Canuck Puck.  We had a very large and very disobedient number of virgins in the circle, playing pocket pool and eating chips.  But the Grand Master and Religious Adviser taught them a thing or two about circle disobedience with a number of down-downs.  We even forced a few Chilean onlookers (peeping Tomáses?) to take down-downs al seco in what Sump Pump declared to be "good marketing".  Assuming they understood what was going on.

"Pay a-fuckin-ttenion in my circle"

Flip flops and purple socks.  Virgins are the worst.

It's unclear what these hashers are doing. But I don't hate it.

It was also Kevin-the-Aussie's 5th Hash.  Name suggestions were plentiful - the RA had to poll the circle 3 times.  But finally "Cumming Up For Air" (a reference to his SCUBA days) met the approval of all.  He was baptized thoroughly with beer and flour, as is tradition.  It was only a pity he didn't have more hair to catch it all.

Cumming Up For Air, literally and figuratively...

As we had no quincho, French Polisher was kind enough to lug his grill all the way to the park and set up shop in the middle of the grass.  Mike-no-name brought a soccer ball, frisbee and football so that we could aprovechar the big open fields dotted with clusters of Chileans.  Finally at dark, we packed up and headed - still sweaty, floury and (some of us) dripping with beer - to Flannery's for a nightcap or 3.

Mighty Meaty

"Mom, I think I joined a color-coordinated fraternity..."

What a glorious Hash it was!  Our next gathering will fall on Thanksgiving Weekend, prompting this happy Hasher to think about what she's thankful for.

(Beer.  I'm thankful for beer.)

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