Friday, 6 September 2013

Gettin' down... Phoenix-Style

We returned to old faithful, Bi-Weekly Deposit's home, (seriously is this guy not the best for allowing this nonsense to take place in his home over and over again?), where in the absence of some of our fearless leaders, Moon Job and Cummming Up For Air filled in flawlessly.  We circled up, anxiously awaiting our exotic-sounding "Phoenix-Style" run set by Prune and Cuban Nipple Crisis. 

We welcomed back some familiar faces.  As you can see, Viagra Vixen is beaming with a type of joy that only Father Abraham can bring... I mean he does have seven sons... 

Needless to say we got a very vague description of what Phoenix-Style would mean for us, and then we headed off. 


This trail reeks of bullshit.

But, we remained in good spirits, as we chanted about teamwork, at least for awhile.

But seriously, the marks/instructions might as well have been written/explained in these:

Running six blocks only to find an X that shatters dreams resulted in in a (stay with me here) "candy cane-swirlysquare-halfdiamond-sunrise-sunrise-shutters bird-candycane-candycane sunrise-creepyeyeball-bird-halfdiamond-majesticlion". Seriously "doublezigzag-sunrise-triangleheadedsnake"???

This picture perfectly sums up the day:

The walkers just gave up and returned to the beer (walkers are so wise) and the runners ran close to 10K before it was all said and done.  In the post-run circle, Moon Job relished in his new found power and adequately doled out punishments to the hares.  Prune took it like a freaking champ.

We welcomed two new members into the Hash family.  Eventually the talks of U2 fanaticism and boinking Swedes lead to the introduction of Stroke My Bono and Nordic Nibbler.

Nothing says "Welcome to the family!!" like eggs, beer and flour atop your noggin.  

The next Hash with undoubtedly be "Santiago-Style" as we cueca-in the Fiestas Patrias.  Until then hashers, "wiltingflower-zigzag wiltingflower-zigzag!!"