Monday, 28 October 2013

Hash #135 - Halloween Hash

Saturday we had a very special Hash. We headed downtown to Alex & Drinking Lessons' gaff to have our Halloween Hash the right way: with costumes!

People showed up in their funny clothes right on time (no Chilean punctuality) and listened carefully to the instructions given by the Hares for this spooky run, Just Marissa and Veni V.D. Vici.

After the warm up, the Hashers left the cool lobby of the building and marched under the burning sun of Santiago at 4 PM. Wearing costumes didn't seem like a good idea after a while, but we sure made a lot of santiaguinos have a laugh (and sexually aroused with our She Devil and the Topless Hasher).

tales of the city

If the sun or the length of the trail weren't enough to pissed the Hashers off, the absence of a Beer Stop was unforgivable. Still everyone was down to do the Zombie Walk crossing the Mapocho river and getting down "Thriller" style in front of la Moneda, with a small incident with the local authorities.

"must find beer....."

There was no excuse for the Hares. Nobody cared it was their first time haring or that, impossible as it sounds, most flour marks were swept off, which lead to anger and confusion!  They payed with down downs for their shitty trail.

After all this the circle was glad to baptise, with the usual flour and beer tradition, to a new Hasher we now embrace as family. She used to be know as Just Terez, but now she has a new name to feel proud about: "Reverse Cowgirl".

is that a 'jumbo' shower cap?

The circle was dismissed and Hashers proceeded as they know best, drinking, cursing and just being awesome. But celebration didn't end there. Most people ended at yet another Halloween party, with even fancier costumes and already tipsy. Happy Halloween!!!!
those hashers love their beer!