Monday, 26 November 2012

Gobble Gobble

Hello again Hashers!  What fun we had this past Saturday at Hash #112, festively dubbed "The Gobble Gobble Hash", hosted in Lo Barnachea at the beautiful home of Molposition, Chilepollagol, Beercrawler and Topless Tinkerbell.

the family that drinks together stays together

It was hot.  SUPER hot.  We could have scrapped the dashes of flour and put down uncooked Pillsbury biscuits instead - they would have baked in that sun.  And we wouldn't have been able to eat them because it was TOO FUCKING HOT for biscuits (and it's gross to eat ground-biscuits anyway).

It's either a turkey or someone's hand met an untimely end in a 1920's style gang shooting.
Despite the heat, the trail was a nice one.  Cumming Up For Air led us along the dusty streets, through a surprise parade,

over a footbridge, along the river,

past some horses,

tee hee!  that tickles. 
downhill, uphill,

and finally to a beer stop!  How long has it been since we've had a beer stop?!  And at a really cool bar, at that.  There were hundreds of old books strapped to the walls and old candles forming some impressive wax-drip sculptures.  All the kinds of things you'd want to be looking at while getting drunk on gigantic schops of beer.

beer time, time for beer.

The walkers got a bit lost, "as per usual" according to Sir Ladybug.  Tough day to get lost - they missed the beer stop completely.

We all managed to meet back up at the house on time to start our circle.  There were three namings to take care of: Michael, Meghann and Raul.
  • Michael was affectionately named "Texas BJ Assacre", an homage to his Texan roots and love of oral sex.
  • Miss Meghann was baptised "Long Hornstar", also a reference to Texas, but mostly a nod to her sexy sexy bod.
  • Raul let slip that he works for a bank.  A respectable career, but not if you're taking "Bi-Weekly Deposit"
Apparently the beer and sun hit us all hard, because we were merrier than usual in our post-circle asado.  Chilepollagol manned the grill to produce plate after plate of mouth-watering meat.  We caroused until the sun went down, and then hopped into our cabs and buses and autos back to Flannery's, of course!   For karaoke, of course!

drink it down down down down down down down down down down down down down
unruly Hashers and obedient Virgins

It was the kind of Hash that makes you happy to be a part of the Hash family.  I, for one, am extremely grateful for such fine folk - it doesn't even matter that you're all sloppy slobbering alcohol abusers.  I love you anyway!

Next Hash #113 - Saturday 8th December

HASH NO: 113
NAME: "Downtown again hash"
DATE: Saturday 8th December
TIME: 4pm START (you need to arrive before this cause this is when we start the run)
PLACE: Lira 399, Santiago Centro

METRO: Santa Isabel or Santa Lucia
HOSTS: Just Carissa
HARES: Carissa
CO-HARE: ???

COST: $3.000
BRING: Meat/Salad/Booze to share for the after circle asado