Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Eternally Grateful for the Invention of Dizzy Bat

Hello Hash Fam!  This past Saturday a bunch of you came out to Parque Padre Hurtado in La Reina for the 123rd Hash, which was less of a Hash and more of a beer obstacle course.

OrangeBob Stretchy Pants is ready to go

The first activity was a 3-legged race.  After our rousing warm up activity (which freaked the holy fuck out of the Chileans BBQing nearby), each Hasher found someone that they felt reasonably comfortable touching, and got taped up.

aaaaaand they're OFF!  It's My Lucky Day in front flanked by Majestic Mr. Rogers.  Giant Finish is creeping up from the rear, but Majestic Mr. Rogers has pulled ahead now! What a race ladies and gentlemen!

The inherent difficulty of a 3-legged race was compounded when each team realized that the masking tape wasn't holding!  Three legs were becoming four!  There was some serious "Little Mermaid" style leg duplication that we had going there.

all the talent.

Then our Hashers jogged a lap around the park, past the horses, through the amphitheater, through the woods, and back around for... FLIP CUP.  We have no pictures of flip cup.   Here are some images instead...

The final lap was marked with a Dizzy Bat competition.  For those of you who have never played Dizzy Bat (a surprisingly large number of you!) this is how you play:

1. chug a beer
2. put your head on a bat and spin around


she's a dizzy bat unicorn


4. Run a short distance and try not to fall*.  


Finally everyone collapsed into the grass, sweaty and a little vomity, and ready for the circle.  As it was Canuck Puck's last Santiago hash for a while, he was Religious Adviser.  He was even presented a special, customized shirt to commemorate his time Hashing here in Santiago.   French Polisher served as the Grand Master.

hot Canadian bacon

He looks less like a parrot and more like...

...a Canadian Goose.

The circle was pretty good.  The virgins were well-behaved, and all accused parties took their downdowns like champs.

YOU add a caption

Songstress Texas Hornstar is killin it on the closing hymn.

Finally, the time came to name a dear friend and fellow hasher, Ms. Fabiola.  Welcome to the Hash Family Shuttercock.

I feel like she's done this before.  It looks so natural.
takin it like a pro

After the asado, the night ended at Flannery's (as per usual) where we ate, drank and were merry.  The entire upstairs was reserved for Canuck Puck's despedida, but a rag tag group of karaoke-loving exchange students crashed the party too.

We will miss you Dave! 

*very difficult 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A message and a Movie from a former hasher!

"Back in January 2010 we were filming a documentary travel series and stopped in Santiago to participate in a Hash. This experience and the interviews we conducted with the Santiago H3 members is now part of episode 10 of the Rather Odd Journey. The series is about alternative concepts of travel explored on a journey from Antarctica to the Arctic through the Americas. It has now been released via the Internet and hopefully is able to generate some revenue for a Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, a Foundation for Underprivileged Kids in Bogota and/or future projects. Episode 10 includes a few flashbacks looking at some of the travel concepts not covered in the other episodes (including HHH).
You can also keep tabs on any updates regarding additional material by following the Rather Odd Journey facebook page:
It would be appreciated if you could forward this onto your fellow hashers, especially those that are in it. I hope you enjoy the episode and maybe even the entire journey.
On on.