Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hash #172 - Who Needs the Peace Corps?

On Saturday April 11th, let's get together at Shits and Swallows' to talk about how terrible the Peace Corps is and try to get her to stay in Santiago with us. On the flipside, she'll ask us for some financial assistance to get there.

    What: Hash #172 - Who Needs the Peace Corps?
    When: Saturday April 11th at 2pm
    Where: Santo Domingo 1240
    Host: Shits and Swallows
    Hares: Bushy Pussy and Salty Nuts
    How Much: $4.000 gets you in, gets you beer and choripan.
    What to Bring:
    - extra food
    - extra libations
    - sunblock
    - veggie food & non-alcoholic bevs if you're so inclined. We don't judge, and we do eat.

How to find it: Get your directions from Google Maps. It's downtown near metro Santa Ana.

** For the uninitiated:
We are a drinking group with a running problem. If that sounds a little de trop, don't worry. It is. We follow hashing traditions, singing songs, drinking beer, and following silly rules. We start with a ~7k run / 4k walk (your choice), then do our circly ritual, sing some ribald songs, and finally we relax, and eat a little. This time we're expecting 10-15 hashers. Come check it out, or join us next time, in 2 weeks.
Still not sure about the Peace Corps? Just listen to these crazy people! 

We also have a new Mismanagement Committee.
Hash Geek:
    Chorus Clown

Hash Flash:
    NoName Ari
    Sleeping Beauty

Hash Trash:
    Sir Multiple Entry

Hash Cash / Hash Stats
    Sir Multiple Entry

    Spoodge Bob Stain Pants
    NoName Ari

    NoName Ari

Pecker Inspector
    Sir Sump Pump

Hare Raiser
    Spoodge Bob Stain Pants

    Sir Acting Semen
    Sir Multiple Entry

    NoName Catalina
    Fukimoto (we just have to buy him a new car)

Religious Adviser
    Sir Acting Semen

Grand Master
    Spoodge Bob Stain Pants