Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hash #155 - Winter Beach Hash!

The central coast is fantastic this time of year, and, if you're up for it, a dip in the cool, refreshing waters of the Pacific will make the rest of winter feel warm by comparison! Come out for a Chili cook-out you won't soon forget. Casa Once Perros Locos is the height of refinement and luxury, and no stranger to excellent hashes celebrating the Virgin Mary and her progeny.

OK...maybe it's not quite that cold.
Much more like it...
So it's time for our Hash #155, the Winter Beach Hash at Sir Sump Pump's Casa Once Perros Locos (name change subject to perro availability) in beautiful El Quisco.

The weekend celebrating the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is as good a time as any for hashers to enjoy a slice of heaven by having a nice run at El Quisco. This is a special hash indeed, because we have:
  • Transportation there and back right to the on-on-on.
  • Casa Once Perros Locos - a beautiful place with a beautiful view, in
  • El Quisco - Pacific Ocean in all its glory - rugged, painterly vistas.
  • A fun trail involving gentle hillside clambering and much ocean & forest. Sewage and Finger in the Dyke always make a shitty trail!
  • A guaranteed beer-stop - need I say more?
  • Cacti in bloom, poppies starting to pop, and pelicans too!
  • Sir Sump Pump's fantastic chili made with real honest-to-god kidney-beans.
  • Fall in love with a dog? No problem! Many up for adoption, all fixed and vaccinated.
What's amazing, too, is that our RA, Spoodgebob Stainpants, has made proper hash weather arrangements. Good work.  It's spring in the middle of winter!

Sir Sump Pump will make you a sweet deal for that Hookah

Your faithful GM,
Multiple Entry

Hosts Sewage (Our visiting Papuan GM) & Sir Sump Pump
Hares Sewage and Finger-in-the-Dyke
When Saturday August 16th 2014 Bus leaves from Flannery's promptly at noon.
Where Casa Once Perros Locos, El Quisco
What to Bring
  • Running or sporty walking clothes
  • Footware that can handle some mildly rugged terrain and damp cool
  • Drink for the after-party
  • A little cash for sundries en-route
  • Hasherdashery to show your colors, white socks (it's a rule..)
  • A bathing suit & a towel if you're feeling brave
What to Expect Great Canadian-style Chili made with real kidney-beans. Sir Sump Pump will be cooking for us, so bring snacks/drinks.
Cost $15000 including entertaining luxury transport from Flannery's or $7000 if you're driving yourself. Details on Facebook (you must be a member of the group to access)

The Bus will leave from Flannery's Irish GeoPub in Providencia promptly at noon,
and leave El Quisco at 9pm, returning to Flannery's by 11pm Saturday, leaving time for an On-on-on (which, for the uninitiated, means having some post-beer beers: it's safe to assume that any hashing term you don't immediately understand is just a synonym for drinking beer)

Spots must be pre-booked by 10pm on Wednesday the 13th. Bookings after this will be subject to space available, and may or may not get to eat, so be sure to reserve your space by Monday even if you're not taking the bus!
  • Bank transfer can be made to Juan Cristian; details on Facebook
  • For those who prefer to pay cash, Multiple Entry will be at Flannery's in Providencia Monday 8pm-10pm attending a Choir Practice that is sure to have neighborhood cats yowling for mercy as we bone up on our repertoire.
Please RSVP ASAP - whether or not you're taking the bus - it's just being nice to the cook!

Friday August 15th is a holiday in Chile, celebrating the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven. El Quisco is a popular destination for the long holiday weekend, because it is a great place to visit!

If you decide to make a long weekend of it yourself, book accommodations early (like today). Here is a handy list of cabanas for short-term vacationers courtesy of Sir Sump Pump:

Cabanas La Portada
09 222 4537
09 537 8503
Cabanas Santa Barbara
035 473 659
09 542 4699
casa y cabana
9 504 7434
Casa - 18 Bella Vista
9 190 4469
Cabanas La Princesa
035 47 3512
7 737 5536
6 149 2594
Cabanas Vera Verano
Pena Gris 631
09 449 1784
07 447 3813
09 059 5994
035 473 955
Sir Sump Pump's neighbour Osvaldo
9 258 6862
Also, Sunset Hotel (on El Quisco Beach, where we had the beer stop on a couple of Hashes)
035 (2) 474 845
6727 7690

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hash #154- The Peter O'Toole Hash!

A good time was had by all, it would appear...

A "Good" Time... Yes - if you say so.

Sir Peter  would have been proud that we practically ignored him in our zeal to merrymake. No offense intended, and, in all likelihood, none taken! Saturday August 2nd marked his 82nd birthday, and, surprisingly, many hashers did not seem to know the breadth of Sir Peter's talents and what is, for me, a real high-point of comedy - What's New, Pussycat. At least one virgin came to us hoping to find fellow O'Toole aficionados, and was disappointed, but given some beer to compensate, as hashers are wont to do.

The start time was set for 2pm, but, alas, we were blissfully unaware that August 2nd was also Bolivian Agrarian Reform day, which due to ensuing celebrations made reaching our destination a time-consuming process frought with uncertainty as it involved crossing many streets effectively cut off by Bolivian merrymakers getting in the way of our own merrymaking. Add to that a pretty big protest against a damn project, and it was basically a crap-shoot to get to the hash by car or bus. Of course, we cyclists and those clever enough to use the Metro or live close-by had little trouble, but the delay of the all-important beer-meister and many others set us back a full hour to start, creating golden opportunities for late-comer down-downs.

Intro circle out of the way, runners took off like something from a Looney Tunes cartoon; by the time the dust had settled nothing remained but a smoldering track, and the walkers slowly alighting. Miles later and a few false trails down the road, we'd had a nice promenade around beautiful old Santiago - durable architecture and broad-shouldered concrete and stone constructions that will not be brought down by little inconveniences like fire or earthquake, a bit the worse for wear, and refreshingly able to show many decades of urban survival. There were a few false trails , and the markings were generally good. It was unanimously declared a Shitty Trail - congratulations to Sir Acting Semen and Sir Turtlehead on a job well done.

The warm, yellow stillness of downtown rooftop pools is good for photography!

Once back at NoName Armando's place, we circled up and took care of some business with Multiple Entry directing the proceedings as your Grand Master, Jesus Cums Twice performing Religious Adviser duties, Spoodgebob Stainpants song-meistering, Sir Acting Semen hasherdashing, Prune hare-raising, Moon Job doing hash cash, Bi-weekly Deposit the all-importnat beer-meister, helped out by Bushy Pussy piss-pouring, and Sir Sump Pump putting some real elbow-grease into his pecker-inspecting.

And we would later come to realize that Jesus Cums Twice is as badass as they come. Here she is religiously advising as if nothing, after having been mauled by wild dogs during the run!

 Important highlights included many leavers and returners, details about pre-paying for hash #155, and most importantly, Mariachi Masturbator's 75th hash. Congratulations!

Mariachi Masturbator approves, as she is celebrated for her 75th hash!

Unfortunately, the circle had to be abbreviated quite a bit to make up for the late start, so some formalities were skipped or rushed over, but in general it was a shitty circle and we got done what needed to get done, mostly.

Also noteworthy was the return of Dick So Soft, who brought a bottle of the amazing Dave's Insanity hot sauce (thank you for sharing) along with his winning personality! We were visited by reporters from a local paper, who all happened to be virgins, so we were forced to down-down them. Dick So Soft truly deserves the title of Hash Jedi - it would appear he has been hashing for about 6 years longer than he's been alive, and has, literally, hashed everywhere in the known universe. Seeing the plight of our visitors as they were cornered with a down-down, he took pity & gifted them a t-shirt commemorating the Omicron Persei 8 hash - a lovely affair to hear Dick So Soft tell it - or some other far-flung event he has visited in the past. Our guests from La Tercera were awesomely good sports about our eccentricities and really fun people to boot. We hope we'll see them back again!

Here we have a group of Hashers laughing in the face of a bomb-threat, having figured out that resistance is futile.

I suppose it's worth mentioning that towards the end of the evening we were lightly disrupted by a bomb-threat. Militarized police in flak-vests (for your protection, lol) swarmed below, while, as you can see, we continued to engage in proper hash behavior rather than harshing our finely crafted evening vibe.

Thanks again to NoName Armando for the facilities. The view was great, as was the space itself! So for now we say Good-bye to no-name Johnny from Brooklyn, and hello to our new friends Nicky, Jacinto,  Fabiola, Nayarett, Iván, Gloria, and Greg!

See you on the beach next time. Don't forget to pre-register!

Your faithful GM,
Multiple Entry


Sir Peter O'Toole's 82nd birthday is cause for a run and a down-down, even if he's a little indisposed at the moment! (Too soon?)

The jury's still out on what the weather will be like, so Spoodgebob Stainpants & Jesus Cums Twice - do your magic and make the sun shine!

Get the details and RSVP on Meetup!

Hosts No Name Armando, No Name David, and Prune
Hares Sir Acting Semen and Sir Turtle Head
When Saturday August 2nd 2014 @2:00pm
Where San Martín 714, SCL
What to Bring Running or sporty walking clothes, Food for the grill, Drink for the after-party, Hasherdashery to show your colors, White socks (it's a rule...)
Cost CLP 3000