Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Goundhoggin it.


Those were the primary complaints at this Saturday's Ground Hog Day Hash.  But if that's all you hear a Hasher complain about, it truly is a good day of Hashing.

We met at Acting Seaman and Mariachi Mansterbator's rooftop quincho in the centro and got off to a late start, (as is tradition).  Heat, hangovers, a shirtless front-running bastard...who knows what kept leading the Hashers astray?  The runners ran twice the necessary distance trying to track down the trail, while the walkers yet again missed a scrumptious beer stop.  Which was perfectly positioned across the street from a children's park, so as to make us look sketchy as hell.

A great view of Shayna's ass is definitely worth celebrating.

Back at the circle, so many down-downs were taken that we ran out of beer!   It was a long circle.

and a wide circle

sweet alcoholic nectar

The most interested they have ever been in anything ever.

Historically, Hashers have excelled at posing seductively on accident.

There were copious tongue-lashings from the Religious Adviser because so many people were talking in the circle...



Much of the circle was spent naming a few 5th time Hashers, including Sebastian Rojas, now known as Energizer Boy Scout...

"You must be THIS TALL to ride me."

Dawn Rojas, to be now and forever called Spitz Don't Swallow...

Like Shakira under a waterfall.

...and finally Erica Soto received the name Cafe con Cock.  Welcome to the Hash fam you three!

She actually brought a shower cap!  Inventive, but futile.

Then, the asado.  Meeeaaaatttttt...

Ray spent a lot of time on his knees heating things up.

And OF COURSE the last stop was Flannery's Irish Pub for some karaoke.  If you haven't come to Flannery's after a Hash yet, you're missing out.  Just saying.

This really IS the most interested Mark has ever been in anything ever.

karaoke bliss

Kevin calls this face: "karaoke up the butt"

The next Hash will be the Red Dress Hash!  Come wearing your slinkiest red cocktail dress!  Or perhaps your most elegant red ballgown.  Or your red miniskirt.  Whatever red sexiness you clothe yourself in, remember to bring your running shoes.  On On!

On Also...if you have pics that are just. too. good...send them to be included here!