Friday, 2 January 2015

Hash #165 - The Hangover Hush

A small, friendly hash, 165 saw the return of Sewage & Sir Sump Pump to Santiago, as well as a couple of new faces. The excellent trail, laid by the challenging, yet paternal Multiple Entry and gentle No Cuntry, was, as you can see, not the most grueling. Still, it was a very hot day, and even though the run started near 6pm, the temperatures were over 90, making some hashers quite cranky. Nothing a few cold beers later on would not fix.

Once back at hash-central, people mellowed quickly under the spell of cold brews on a hot summer's day.
Here we have NoName Becca (a virgin no more), Sir Sump Pump, and Sewage cooling off after the grueling trail.
A very considerate circle ensued, that saw the introduction of no less than three virgins to the Hash, and two namings! Owing to a lapse in memory, No-name Gonzalo returned for his fifth hash, so we rewarded him by trying to make cake on his head and christening him One-Eyed Monster!. No-name Linni, on the other hand, might have known better. Not one easily frightened by such displays, she charged in and took it like a man. Welcome as well, Eat My Wahlie!
United by adversity, our newest named hashers: Welcome, One-eyed Monster and Eat My Whalie.
In any case, it's pretty smart to get yourself named at a small hash with house-made basil & mushroom pizza made by the world-class foodie Multiple Entry, and a shower! Good thinking, guys!

A special thanks to Tokoloshe for exposing himself as Hash-Flash this time. He's a wily one, that Tokoloshe. As the single lone runner this day, he was both front-running bastard and immune to accusations of sins from the run. Very clever... 

As usual, our gratitude goes out as well to Bi-Weekly Deposit for taking the time out of his busy schedule to Meister our beer despite not being able to attend. The hash is in your debt, sir!
-Your friendly local GM,
Multiple Entry

On on! =============================Original Announcement============================


January 3rd. So quiet. So much regret so early in the year. Regaining your senses after a little bit too much revelry perhaps? Let's make this an intimate little affair in a small Vitacura pied-à-terre. A run. Yes, of course. And beer, and pizza. And a very small celebration - so much to celebrate, as always, what with the arrest of Joane of Arc on Jan 3rd 1431, the excommunication of Martin Luther on this day in 1531, the naming of San Francisco, CA in 1847, the excommunication of Cuba in 1961, and the founding of Apple computer in 1977.

Still, 3 days into the year, gentle reader, you may be feeling that you regret everything:

Not to worry! There is no redemption without temptation! So come for a little run, a beer, and silliness that would bore a jaded 5th-grader!

There will be simple home-made pizza, a little beer, and an indoor circle. We might be having a naming or two, and we're celebrating Sir Sump Pump's 80th & Maxipad w. Wings' 25th.

The trail may be live, and will certainly be short, as we're expecting a pretty warm day.

The deets:
  • What: Hash #165:
  • When: Saturday January 3rd, 5pm.
  • Where: Paseo Lo Matta 1311 #303.
  • How Much: $4.000 and the secret password gets you in, gets you beer and pizza.
What to Bring:
  • extra food (cocktail food, food for vegetarians, anything that strikes your fancy & does NOT require a grill)
  • extra libations (particularly if you're of the non-alcoholic persuasion: "We don't judge.")- Sunscreen? It will be well into the '90s...
How to find it: Get your directions from Google Maps here. It's quite accessible. Buses 406, 426, 411, 405, and 502 will get you there.