Monday, 10 December 2012

Hash Trash #113

Circle Up! Hash #113 drank up on a rooftop in Centro. 

For what is probably the first time in SHHH history, the trail earned a positive rating and the hares escaped the shame of drinking down downs to the “Shitty Trail” song. Don’t worry, they still had to chug a down down, it just was to a different tune.

But even with an expertly marked trail, complete with heart chalk drawings, the runners skipped half their route because “they didn’t see the flour and HUGE arrows” pointing through the park. Note: If the walkers, who lose the trail 9 out of 10 hashes, return to the circle without any mishaps and the runners “get lost,” that’s called “short cutting.” Bastards!

Speaking of bastards, Daniel No Name, who was ordained Moon Job at this Hash #113, is also the new Front Running Bastard. Carissa No Name was also ordained. She shall now be called KY Not.
Carissa No Name is now KY Not.
Daniel No Name is now Moon Job. 
French Polisher starred as the Grand Master as the Hash circled up on a rooftop in Centro, which provided spectacular views of the Andes and Santiago city skyline at sunset. It was a relief when the sun went down for many of the wankers who don’t know what sunscreen is and left the barbecue looking like roasted tomatoes.

Public Health Announcement: Chile has no OOoooo-zone layer, so lather up with that creamy white goo you like so much for the upcoming summer hashes. On on!

To download the PDF of Hash Trash, which features more pictures, info for upcoming hashes and new Hash songs to learn, click here.