Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hash #160 - Not for the Faint of Heart: The Ebola Enema Hash!

In celebration of Pablo Picasso's birthday, since he was not known for being a softie:
 Pablo Picasso, who was never called an Asshole!

We're celebrating the 160th hash with a new, less forgiving return to the sophomoric practices so beloved in other hashes! This week, we're administering Ebola Enema down-downs! It's just a little over the top. We should be more mature, and consider other people's feelings, but we're hashers, dammit!

...and we're going for a run on Saturday! Here's the deets:
  • What: Hash #160-The Ebola Enema Hash (& Picasso's Birthday - get Cubic!)
  • When: Saturday, October 25, 2014. 2:00PM
  • Where: Blanco Encalada 1771 #1715.
  • How Much: $4.000 gets you in, gets you beer & choripan.
  • What to Bring: some snacks, extra libations
  • How to find it: Here, across the street from the big red castle on Blanco Encalada. Metro Toesca & go South until you see the castle, Metro O'Higgins north. Turn right at the castle and walk 1/2 block West.

Be on time, or you might be the first test subject for our new Ebola Enema Gun. Cheers!

There's details on Meetup, too.

** For the uninitiated:
We are a drinking group with a running problem. If the above sounds a little de trop, don't worry. It is. We follow hashing traditions, singing songs, drinking beer, and following silly rules. We start with a ~7k run / 4k walk (your choice), then do our circly ritual, sing some ribald songs, and finally we relax, eat a little choripan. The Ebola bit is part of our tradition of inappropriate humor - it's all good-natured and gives our many misfits an opportunity to socialize in a fraternal, off-beat environment. Come check it out, or join us next time, in 2 weeks!

Your faithful GM,
Multiple Entry

Hash #159 - Columbus Day Hash!

  • What: It's a Hash - let's go for a run & drink a little beer.
  • When: Saturday Oct 11, 2pm
  • Where: Santo Domingo 1240
  • Cost: 4000CLP Choris included!

Hares: Sir Turtle Head & Sleeping Beauty.

Let's celebrate the 522 Anniversary of Columbus inventing America while having a little fun at the expense of European "history"

This should be an esp fun trail, since Sleeping Beauty & Sir Turtle Head are radical take-no-prisoners trail-blazers who draw on their extensive knowledge of Aramaic and Cuneiform to do the trail markings!

Your faithful GM,
Multiple Entry