Friday, 11 July 2014

#152 - If you're north of the Rio Grande, it was Independence Day!

...and a good time was had by all. A proper shitty trail through beautiful Barrio Brasil, an over-active pecker inspector, and a lot of television-watching. By now, everybody's a soccer fan!

Check back after the 28th for more detail.

Hash #151 - What happened?

It all went by in a blur, as it was in the middle of a World Cup. Sleeping Beauty demonstrated why the Nobel Prize comes from Sweden, with his new Tensor Calculus notation for trail markings, and some people got a little tipsy...

Check back for greater detail.

"Sesquicentennial" was Octopussy's Favorite Word....

It was a hash to remember... and someday I'll tell you about it in these very pages. - The departure of our lovely GM, the naming of two fine hashers, manly men eatign weiners by the mouthful, and the painful realization that most English-speakers are at a loss playing footsie with balls.

Seriously, this is a placeholder.

Hash 149 - Yo' Mamma Would Not Approve!

Thanks again to Jesus Cums Twice and NoName Enzo for hosting this time. It was cold and it was grey, but beer and song made it all better!

Check back after the 28th for a full accounting.