Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hash #171 - The Annual General Piss-Up!

It's that time!


On Saturday March 28 we'll be hashing at Parque Padre Hurtado once again, and having elections. This is an important Hash because at least five vacancies need to be filled, so break out your best Esprit de Corps, come on out, and help carry on our beer-soaked torch and the tradition of cheating on the trail, getting lost and then bragging about it over a beer!

The usual details are:

    What: Hash #171 - The Annual General Piss-Up
    When: Saturday March 28th at 2pm
    Where: Avenida Francisco Bilbao 8105.
    How Much: $4.000 gets you in, gets you beer and choripan.
    What to Bring:
    - extra food
    - extra libations
    - sunblock (it'll be 84°F, still)
    - veggie food & non-alcoholic bevs if you're so inclined. We don't judge, and we do eat.

How to find it: Get your directions from Google Maps here. It's quite accessible.


** For the uninitiated:
We are a drinking group with a running problem. If that sounds a little de trop, don't worry. It is. We follow hashing traditions, singing songs, drinking beer, and following silly rules. We start with a ~7k run / 4k walk (your choice), then do our circly ritual, sing some ribald songs, and finally we relax, and eat a little. This time we're expecting 10-15 hashers. Come check it out, or join us next time, in 2 weeks.

Specific positions are:
  • Hash Geek - Takes care of keeping the password vault, keeping healthy web-assets, and making sure events are announced in a coordinated manner across the various digital venues.
  • Hash Flash - Take pretty pictures of people in the throes of our pagan ritual!
  • Hash Trash - Write some libel and slander once in a while, telling the tales of daring doo...
  • Hash Cash / Hash Stats - You really need a mattress with an underside for this one, an ability to count to several thousand, and subtract (you would be amazed...), and the blessing of the current mismanagement committee. Keep a little baggie with the hash cash, and do the occasional transfer/reimbursement/scolding...
  • Songmeister - Help pass on the lore of the Hash by teaching bad students new songs every once in a while...
  • ShutterUpper - Get mad at everybody (or at least act it) during the circle, leaving the person at the center to concentrate on the agenda rather than the bad apples.
  • Hasher Herder -  Hasher herding is an important job on trips and away-hashes. You would not believe how hard a simple thing like getting on a bus can be when folks are moved by the spirit! Take attendance, keep an accurate head-count, and report on how many hashers we're about to lose, hopefully before the bus takes off!
  • Grubmeister - Wrangle food, organize food, make food appear to keep the Hashers from drinking on empty stomachs! Pipe up & help organize coming Hashes by figuring out what people can eat!
  • Pecker Inspector - Ewww - it's just like it sounds, and there's this guy who seems to love the job...
  • Hare Raiser - Gently practice your Machiavelli, helping folks in advanced stages of largesse volunteer their yachts and summer palaces for hashing activities.
  • Hasherdasher - Have a ready supply of patches, t-shirts, knick-knacks, and tchotchkes for spies and locals alike to do their in-flight shopping. This involves driving the merchandising to a degree, and having a car, cargo-bike, or masochistic desire to try & schlep it all in taxis or what-have-you.
  • Beermeister - Without a doubt the most important job in the Hash - witness the untouchable and legendary status of Sir Biweekly Deposit - larger than life; larger than his t-shirt - you have to have a car, and some serious commitment for this one. The Beermeister falls through & things get ugly real fast...
  • Religious Adviser - It's a religious position and we don't prosecute - need I say more? Burn witches at the stake, convert infidels and give them names, spill a little beer here & there.
  • Grand Master - Basically, the Grand Master does nothing, and spends a lot of time doing it. Be the focus of idling complainers, and keep changing stuff so it looks like nothing's changed! Think stuff up for the MMC to do, and then do it yourself! It's a self-starter's dream-job.
*For all positions, you're expected to be a responsible adult. That means first & foremost taking responsibility for your part. If you can't do it because you're traveling, or too drunk - find an alternate before you pass out. Don't hang it all on the next hasher up the ladder. That's not proper hash behavior.
Now you, too could be one of the beautiful people. 

Your faithful GM,
Multiple Entry