Monday, 19 December 2011

Next Hash - #88 Saturday 7th January 2012

Dearly beloved hashers:
The time has come for the end of the world, so is mandatory to remember our best hashers, harriettes and horrors, the ones that have passed and are already gone, so lets take a minute of silence to... yeah right!!! :)

The end of the world is here!!!! and we have a great hash planned to celebrate and the perfect excuse to drink drink drink!! so don't miss the "End of the world Hash" at Casa roja!!! We need you to rsvp so we can advice Casa Roja how many people we're having so please do to  

NAME: The End of the World Hash
DATE: January 7th
TIME: 5pm
Hosts: Finger in the Dyke
Hares: Finger in the Dyke and Don't Go Down There
PLACE: CASA ROJA   Agustinias 2113, Barrio Brasil
COST: $3.000 
AFTER: BBQ bring meat,  salad to share, drinks to be brought from Casa Roja
BRING:  Sunscreen, hats, water, swim suit, towels, football, "toys", music, a new hash song for the circle!!

So see you all there and please rsvp!!! 
Standby for all the details in the New Year!