Saturday, 23 February 2013

Red Dress Run 2013!!

Red Dressed Hordes Overrun Santiago!

Hashers are normally a shy breed but on the Saturday after Valentine's, caution was thrown to the wind, second-hand stores were ransacked for anthing vaguely roja vestido and the fine gentlemen and ladies of the Santiago Hash House Harriers were kitted out in all thier glory for the 2013 RED DRESS RUN!!

The pack were given  their instructions by our charming (if initialy reluctant) hosts and the were off for a jaunt through centro, much to the delight of the bemused, confused and abused (ing?) locals who regaled us with their usual cheers of encouragement, tooting of horn and jolly exhortations to run faster and harder (well that is at least what i think they were saying...) for the great cause of international  hashing  (and cross-dressing obviously).

"just cause i'm wearing a dress doesn't mean i can't scratch ..."
"What the???"


The runners made a mad dash through centro and some parks, got lost several times, as is their custom and generally ran amok through the smooching teenagers and maurading street dogs to eventually meet up with the runners somewhere near the home of all things crazy in downtown Santiago, plaza italia.  


some were wearing their red dresses on the inside.....
Arriving back at our hosts fine roof top quicho  (the adjacent pool quickly emptied of children by  thier nervous parents who where somewhat intimidated by 45 hashers in red dresses for some reason...), our sterling piss-pourer then lined up a mighty table-full of foamy lager and the festivities began!

True to form the RA joined in the celebration with much style and enthusiasm!

"on your knees and repeat after me...."
There were of course some hash-names to be handed out (anybody remember what they where??...i remember something about free-willies and daddybaters but after that is is all a blur.....)
and some visitors showed us the importance of matching your outfits....
not sure what's going on 'downstairs' there on the left but...
and the lads demonstrated how exactly a frock should  be worn...

After the circle it was time to cool off in the pool with 'cumming up for air' demonstrating his best stripper swirl....

No hash would be complete without a trip to flannery's to belt out a few karaoke tunes....sump pump, you did us proud!

Don't for get it is all on again next Saturday 2nd March at Bi-weekly Deposit's parcela for a camping hash and then back to Flannery's (where else?) for the All Green St. Patrick's day hash on 16th March!

On On.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Next Hash #118 - Saturday 16th Feb 2013

HASH Nº 118 - Red Dress Run 2013
DATE: Saturday, February 16th
TIME: 5 PM (Note: New Temporary cause-you-all-think-it-is-too-hot super summer time!)
PLACE: 353 Santa Isabel (two blocks west of Portugal)
METRO: Santa Isabel
HOST:. ‘Just Eric’
HARES: Easy-as-123, 'Just Eric'
COST: $3000
AFTER: Asado. Bring your own cutlery, drinks, salads and meat to share.